The Long Forest in Holt, Wrexham aims to restore an 1848 hedgerow system by replanting and repairing hedgerow lines with hawthorn. Volunteers have been working hard to make the project a success.

In the first year, 79 volunteers spent a total of 334 hours on planting and tree care, learning new skills in the process. 2900 trees were planted repairing over half a kilometre of hedgerow and reconnecting over 3 kilometres of hedge network.

Long Forest co-ordinator, Shane Hughes, says

The Long Forest project will be of huge benefit to wildlife in the area. Increasingly gappy and disappearing hedge lines are reducing cover and food for wildlife and cutting off their shelter corridors. Hedges allow birds, small mammals, amphibians and reptiles to move safely from one area to another in search of food.

Adfer gwrychoedd hanesyddol yn Holt, Wrecsam