The iconic red squirrel is getting a helping hand from the Long Forest project on Anglesey. Since the start of the project, 2700 hedge trees have been planted, improving over a kilometre of hedgerow. The selection of the hedges was strategic, with the aim of connecting known red squirrel habitats across the island.

Long Forest officer, Gareth Evans, explained the thinking behind the project on Anglesey. “We are improving connectivity between Newborough Forest, the Dingle Local Nature reserve in Llangefni and Pentraeth Forest. All three areas are strongholds of the red squirrel and improving hedgerows will enable them to travel and mix more freely, leading to greater genetic diversity. I am really pleased that the Long Forest is supporting red squirrel populations. They are beautiful and fascinating animals.”

To find out more about red squirrels on Anglesey, visit the Visit Anglesey website