We are delivering practical action to improve and add to hedges across Wales. Working with volunteers, Long Forest officers have established tree nurseries in our four key areas to look after and propagate native trees for hedgerow planting.

There have been hedgerow management courses for landowners and volunteers, as well as practical sessions in gapping up hedges, planting new hedges and laying or coppicing mature hedges.

Through the Long Forest project, we will:

  • Manage, improve and extend hedgerows, including garden boundaries.
  • Help people to understand why hedgerows are so important for biodiversity
  • Get people involved in caring for hedgerows by teaching new skills
  • Help people to become more aware of hedges by surveying and recording
  • Uncover the history which lies behind many hedges, through historic research and mapping.
  • Although our current focus areas are Anglesey, Pembrokeshire, Monmouthshire and North East Wales, we are able to support and help with hedgerow projects across Wales, so please do get in touch- [email protected]