Volunteers help to create a tree nursery in Denbighshire

Eight volunteers from the Woodland Skills Centre worked on building a polytunnel which will be used to grow hedgerow trees from locally collected seed.Read more

Hedges- living history in the landscape

What many of us don’t realise is the age and historical significance of some of our hedgerows.Read more

Monmouthshire beeches take the limelight

Veteran beech trees near the River Usk in Llanellen are having their seeds harvested and propagated to assure a healthy future for these magnificent trees.Read more

Red squirrels get a boost on Anglesey

The iconic red squirrel is getting a helping hand from the Long Forest project on Anglesey. Since the start of the project, 2700 hedge trees have been planted, improving over a kilometre of hedgerow.Read more

Rare fen habitat protected by hedge planting

Llangloffan Fen was a selected site for the Long Forest project in Pembrokeshire, because it is a rare habitat with associated rare species.Read more

Rejuvenation of historic hedges in Holt, Wrexham

The Long Forest in Holt aims to restore an 1848 hedgerow system by replanting and repairing hedgerow lines with hawthornRead more

The Long Forest app is now live!

The Long Forest app is now live. Why not check out our handy Species ID guide to see what is in your hedgerows today!Read more

Traditional skills bring hedges back to life

Eight Long Forest volunteers from Anglesey completed a two day hedge laying course at Coleg Glyn Llifon in Caernarfon.Read more

New green corridor for the red squirrels on Anglesey

Hedgerows are being planted across the width of Anglesey as part of Long ForestRead more