Article by the Anglesey Sea Zoo about their planting session as part of the Long Forest project

Come rain or shine the Long Forest project keeps on planting.

The 3-year Welsh Hedgerow Project developed by Keep Wales Tidy in partnership with The Woodland Trust planted its first tree of the winter at Anglesey Sea Zoo on Tuesday 5th February 2019.

Gareth Evans, Anglesey Officer at Keep Wales Tidy says;

We are excited to work in collaboration with this Award-winning local company on the Long Forest Project. Anglesey Sea Zoo continue to lead by example and we are grateful for all the help towards building a green corridor of hedgerows that will help the islands threatened population of red-squirrels.


The Long Forest Project aims to raise awareness on the importance of hedgerows and their uses, also stress their historical value and survey their state.

Frankie Hobro, Owner and Director of ASZ says;

Being environmentally responsible is at the heart of what The Anglesey Sea Zoo do. It’s fantastic to work in partnership with Keep Wales Tidy and The Woodland Trust on such a positive project. Forest conservation begins with the people and this project aims to create vibrant, sustainable landscapes that will protect and safeguard Red Squirrels for years to come. We will continue to actively work with local voluntary and community groups and lead by example to minimise our impact on the environment by recycling and monitoring our energy use. Our hard work has been formally recognised by the international standard of Green Key accreditation.  From recycling, water and energy management and supporting local initiatives. Long may it continue.

Photo: (Left) Frankie Hobro, Owner and Director of Anglesey Sea Zoo, and (far right) Gareth Evans, Anglesey Officer, Keep Wales Tidy. (Middle) ASZ Team