Staff from Brecon Carreg and Keep Wales Tidy took part in hedge planting activity as part of the Long Forest Project in the Brecon Beacons National Park, which is home to their office.

Hedgerows form a vital part of our landscape and wildlife habitat, but they’re at risk from neglect, damage and removal.

The Long Forest Project has been developed by Keep Wales Tidy in partnership with the Woodland Trust, with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

Together, they’re delivering practical action – recruiting thousands of volunteers to plant 100,000 trees and improve around 120,000m of hedgerow. 

Eleri Morgan, Brand Manager, Brecon Carreg, said;

We’re thrilled to be working with Keep Wales Tidy on this project. We have several existing hedgerows within our catchment area and, thanks to expertise of Keep Wales Tidy, we’re now in the position to be able to create an even more extensive wildlife habitat with them. 

The 200 trees that have been planted today will form a small woodland area in view of the cottage that is the Brecon Carreg office. We’re looking forward to seeing our trees flourish over the coming years.

Keep Wales Tidy spokesperson said;

Hedgerows in Wales have been an important make up of our landscape for centuries. However, they are an undervalued resource at severe risk and it is now vital that action is taken.

It’s great to be working within the Brecon Beacons National Park. By working closely with Brecon Carreg, we can make sure it’s maintained and watch it develop into an essential corridor for local wildlife.

Working together across sectors is vital to tackling our environmental challenges and look forward to making a positive difference with Brecon Carreg.

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